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Printing Company

Strategically located in Greenville, MI, Print Services printing company is able to reach 80% of the US population in two days via second or third class pre-sort mail. Print Services printing company caters to publication publishing clients from coast to coast. Our clients’ publications have a worldwide reach.

Print Services printing company continued investment in cold-set web press equipment offers an ultra-productive pressroom. Presses can be configured to deliver up to 40 tabloid pages in full color in one press pass.

While we commonly print runs of 500,000 impressions or more, our fast set-up allows us to competitively print quantities as low as 1000 copies. The versatility of web printing gives you the option of running digest, tabloid or broadsheet formats on a variety of papers.

Generation of Commitment

From decades of industry experience and an unending commitment to quality, comes the ability to build superior single width systems.

Quality, service and a responsibility to the publishing industry to create a line of products above and beyond the expected is what makes Dauphin Graphic Machines the “Single Width Specialists”.

Unequaled Customer Services

When you choose Dauphin Graphics printing company, you’ve chosen the industry leader in development of new technology of single width equipment.

Newspapers around the world have become to rely on us for fast, responsive service that reduces down time and costly repairs. They appreciate our superb workmanship and extensive parts inventory.

Our customers count on us for quality presses designed to upgrade their operations to meet today’s demanding standards. From single units to complete press lines, Dauphin Graphics delivers quality.

Whether your problems are mechanical or electrical, DGM has a qualified staff on call 24 hours a day, to determine the cause and get you back in print within hours of your call. As an authorized service repair center for Fincor press drives, DGM staffs several electricians who specialize in field service work.

Precision Engineering

The Dauphin Graphics engineering team combines state of the art technology with expert design capabilities and special attention to quality control to ensure the ultimate finished product.

By engineering a computerized print of each part, we are able to guarantee accuracy and speed throughout the production process. CAD stationed are linked to the manufacturing department’s Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system to aid in programming, production and quality.

Using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), engineers are able to perform a three dimensional inspection of parts at each phase of the manufacturing process. In addition, we perform two quality control examinations on all finished parts, whether they are produced in-house or off premises. Since the very beginning, our engineering goal has been to produce the highest quality parts in the most efficient manner possible.

Expanding Facilities

With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space, Dauphin Graphics printing company maintains a full-service machine shop including complete grinding and metallizing departments and a CAD-equipped engineering department. In order to react to even faster emergency situations we have dedicated over 15,000 square feet to storage of replacement parts.

Our expansive facilities allow us to perform the majority of our work in-house, conduct inspection at every step and assure complete quality, while responding to your schedule with timely service.

Used Equipment For Sale

Goss – SSC
1 – Floor Units
Goss SSC
21 1/2 SSC Folder
w/ Quarter
Goss Community
4 – Community Units
1 – Community Folder
1 – Goss SC Folder
w/ SSC Quarter Folder
Goss Suburban
9 – Units
2 – Folders
Dual 60HP Drives
Suburban Folder
w/ Collect
Web Leader
4 – Floor Units
1 – Stack Unit
1 – 4-Position R/S
1 – Folder
Goss Urbanite
14 – Urbanite
(1000 Series)
2 – Urbanite Folders
(1000 Series)
2 – Upper Formers
Goss Community
14 – Floor Units
2 – Stack Units
2 – Folders
2 – Upper Formers
Goss Community
SC 1283
5 – SSC Floor
1 – Folder
Goss Community
3 – Floors
w/ Swing Down & Circ
Excellent Condition
Goss SC
10 – Floor Units
3 – Stack Units
2 – Folders
1 – Upper
Goss SSC
1 – Floor Unit
Goss Community
1 – Floor Unit
Goss SC
1 – 2 High

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